Precision machined from raw solid brass and hand polished to a natural shine, each lighter is paired with our own high-quality wicks, flints and stainless steel hex tool. Over time, the brass will age naturally, developing its own unique personality.

A bespoke sliding mechanism allows you to ignite in a number of ways and gives the KNNOX lighter its signature open flame. 

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36mm W x 56mm H x 13mm D

Made in the UK
Free worldwide shipping
Lifetime warranty
Lighter fluid not included

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The Details

Brass body

Each KNNOX lighter has been precision machined from solid brass to a minimal and refined shape. The exterior features a series of straight lines with a singular rounded contour for the ultimate light.


The Details


Our wicks have been designed to ensure a long-lasting burn. Each wick consists of a complex braid made up of 100% British cotton and our own blend of heat resistant material.


The Details


Our flints are constructed from a special blend of highly ferrous alloys that provide a generous spark. This guarantees a first-time light, every time.


The Details


Using a blend of technical fibres, we have created a super-absorbent felt pad capable of retaining a large amount of lighter fluid. Neatly stitched with a small pull tab, it makes refueling and re-wicking uncomplicated.


The Details

Hex tool

Our signature hex tool has been constructed using the finest stainless steel. Featuring a soft knurl grip, the tool has been designed to make assembly and maintenance effortless.


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