I am having trouble lighting

The KNNOX lighter features a bespoke sliding mechanism which allows it to be lit in a number of ways. The lighting action differs to most lighters and you may find that when you strike the flint wheel the lighter tends to close. To stop this from happening, ensure the flint chamber and fuel body are supported or gripped in the palm of your hand before you strike the flint wheel. Rest assured, you will find your own comfortable way to light. For more information please see our instructions page under the ‘ways to light’ section.

Lighter is not as shiny as when I first purchased it

The KNNOX lighter is made from solid untreated brass which will age naturally over time, giving each lighter its own unique personality. You may find after a week or two the brass will start to change in colour or go a dark colour, this is normal and is the first step in the ageing process and as time passes your lighter will take on a dark gold colour. To give your lighter a light clean, use a lint free cloth and some vinegar or to restore your KNNOX lighter to a bright shine use a good brass cleaner.

The flame is quite big, can I adjust the flame strength?

Yes you can. Depending on what you are lighting, you may prefer a small flame or a large flame. To adjust the strength of the flame simply shorten the wick or make it longer. The shorter the wick, the weaker the flame will be and the longer the wick, the stronger the flame will be.

Flint wheel is stuck, how do I fix it?

The most common cause for this is if the flint wheel has been spun in an anti-clockwise direction. If this happens, remove the screw, spring and flint completely. Reinsert the flint ensuring the direction of the ground flint corresponds with the flint wheel. Reinsert the spring and fasten the screw halfway, spin the flint wheel a few times in a clockwise direction. Once the flint wheel is sparking freely, fasten the screw all the way in.

Another common cause is that the flint is nearing end of life. Before replacing with a new flint, remove the old flint and place it back into the flint chamber in the opposite direction. Follow the steps above to insert the spring and screw.

If the above steps fail to work, replace the old flint with a new flint. For more information please see our instructions page.

Lighter doesn't light on first try

The most common cause for this is that the wick is too close to the flint wheel. To fix this, use the hex tool to move or push the wick further away from the flint wheel. If it’s still not lighting, disassemble the lighter completely and trim the used wick, refill with more lighter fluid and reassemble lighter. For more information visit our instructions page.

What type of lighter fluid should I use and where can I buy this?

The KNNOX lighter runs on any liquid petroleum lighter fluid which can be found at most supermarkets, home and hardware stores or online. DO NOT use butane, propane or pressurized flammable gas to refill the KNNOX lighter.

How do I refuel?

There are two ways to refuel, the easiest way is to remove the cover plate and pour the lighter fluid into the fuel chamber before sliding the cover plate back into place (make sure the felt pad is inside to soak up the fuel). You can also take the lighter apart, remove the cover plate and refill. Refer to our instructions page for step by step guides.

How do I replace the wick?

Take the lighter apart completely, remove the cover plate and lift out the felt pad using the pull tab. Once removed, take the used wick out and either cut the frayed end off with scissors and replace into the felt pad or remove the entire wick and replace with a new high performing KNNOX wick. Refer to our instructions page for step by step guides.

How do I replace the flint?

Take the lighter apart completely, remove the flint spring from the flint chamber and tip upside down to get the used flint out. Once the used flint has been removed, insert a new KNNOX flint into the flint chamber, followed by the spring and ensure the screw is firmly secured back into place.

Cover plate is loose

Our cover plates are designed with a slight curve to ensure they fasten securely and keep the fuel chamber air tight. Over time you may find that your cover plate becomes loose, to fix this simply bend the cover plate in a downwards action with the force of your hands only, ensuring the lip is facing upwards. If this fails please contact us for a replacement as this component is covered under our lifetime warranty.

Cover plate wont slide in

Ensure the lip is facing upwards on the cover plate to insert this back into place.If this fails please contact us for a replacement as this component is covered under our lifetime warranty.

Pull tab on the felt pad gets in the way of the wick

Ensure you have placed the felt pad into the fuel chamber with the pull tab positioned on the side furthest away from the flint wheel, this will ensure it doesn’t interfere with the wick.

I have lost a component

If you have lost your screw, hex tool, springs or any other components, please contact us to purchase a replacement.

I have lost my assembly instructions

You can download a copy of our components and assembly instructions here.

Can I change the flint wheel?

The flint wheel is a permanent fixture on the lighter to ensure a lifetime of light. There should be no need to change the flint wheel. As per our lifetime warranty the functionality and quality of the flint wheel is covered throughout the duration of the lighters life. For more information visit our lifetime warranty section.

I have run out of wick and flint, can I purchase more?

The KNNOX lighter comes with approx. one-year supply of wick and flint, specially crafted by us to ensure the perfect light every time. If you have run out, please contact us to purchase more.

Can you light candles using the KNNOX lighter?

Yes, however some candles are easier than others. Tapered candles light without a problem. Candles in containers become more difficult as the candle burns down leaving the wick hard to reach. We recommend tipping the candle to a suitable angle whilst holding the KNNOX lighter in a flat position so the flame is upwards, or alternately you can use lighting tapers.

Do you offer personalisation or engraving?

At this point in time we do not offer personalisation or engraving. These services are abundant throughout the UK and the rest of the world. If you would like to personalise your KNNOX lighter, you should seek out a reliable local service to do this for you.