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British made, with more than 300 years of manufacturing experience combined. We have selected the finest suppliers to produce each KNNOX lighter component to the highest degree of quality.

Precision machining

Located in the heart of Salisbury, our precision machining factory has been producing high specification parts for the aerospace, medical and motorsport industries for the past 35 years. This is where our lighter components and signature hex tool are produced.

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A leader in wick making and based in the far north of England, our wick supplier has been designing and constructing wicks for over 100 years. They have designed a wick specifically for the KNNOX lighter using the finest raw materials to ensure a long-lasting flame.

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Our flint supplier is a leader in chemistry and material science and develops and manufactures ferrous alloys, fine chemicals and complex metallic solutions. Using this experience, they have crafted a flint durable and highly combustible to produce the all-important spark.

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All KNNOX springs are produced by one of the UK’s leading compression, extension and torsion spring manufacturers. Each spring has been carefully designed to support our bespoke sliding mechanism and to ensure a seamless light.

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The South west of England is where you will find our felt supplier who has been producing wool, needle and technical felts since 1984. Working together, we have developed a super absorbent felt capable of holding and retaining lighter fluid for exceptionally long periods.

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Felt sewing

Once the felt has been produced, it is sent to our sewing company in Dorset where they have been involved in the production of carry, cover and protection products for over 40 years. Each felt insert is meticulously stitched together to create a one of a kind fuel chamber.

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Polishing and finishing

Once the lighters have been machined they are hand polished by a team of specialists in Wiltshire. The lighters are polished and finished to a natural shine that will slowly age with use.

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All KNNOX packaging is made by our specialist print house located in Kent. The packaging is the final piece in our long supply chain. Once the components have been machined, they are carefully packed and inspected at our dispatch facility located in Surrey.